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Training Leadership Development
End-to-End-Recruitment Executive-Coaching Personality-Profiling
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Training & Leadership Development

Most training programs are not effective in changing on job behavior of the participants. We have been helping our clients through our unique methodology to conduct training programs that give significant and measurable outcomes. We offer 50+ trainings and have panel of carefully selected LOCAL affiliate trainers to suit your training requirements.

We develop EVERYDAY LEADERS and take them to the next level.


  • On-going support and hand-holding to bring in the desired result
  • Create a companywide culture and prosper in human and financial aspects
  • Provide world class training delivery and easy to learn and implement tools
  • Deliver significant, measurable and sustainable change in participants behaviour
  • Higher motivation, ownership towards work and better retention
  • Great stability and high levels of productivity
  • Get the edge on the competition and give your business a mark of excellence
End to End Recruitment

We understand that recruitment is a time consuming and resource intensive process that requires specific skill set. We do our job quickly and efficiently – so that you can focus and work on strategic HR initiatives in your company and leave your recruitment needs with us.


  • Owning the end to end recruitment responsibilities with dedication and commitments
  • Turn around time of 72 hours after receiving assignment
  • Single-Point-Contact for each client for effective coordination
  • Understanding client needs and identifying the right candidate to the right job
  • Interacting effectively with candidates and working closely with clients at every stage of recruitment
  • Phone interviewing and screening
  • Single page summary of candidate’s abilities, readiness, current and desired CTC etc. provided to client
Executive Coaching

Senior executives today face multiple challenges and shifting priorities. It becomes very critical for them to get the right person whom they can consider their sounding board. Executive coaching provides a solution to senior executive or a CEO, in a safe and confidential environment and significantly improves performance and job satisfaction, while reducing stress.


  • Help you discover clarify & align your goals with company’s mission & vision
  • Focus and channelize your energy and attention to achieve those goals
  • Improve motivation and accountability
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Communicate more effectively both at work and in personal life
  • Stay motivated through the ups and downs
  • Increase the levels of your health energy and happiness
  • Transform individual’s potential into business performance
Personality Profiling

“People are hired for their technical skills and fired for their attitude and behavior”

Hiring based on the “right fit” in addition to technical competence is essential to hire, retain, develop and manage the employee. We help clients gain insight into the behavior and personality of the candidate through our Personality Profiling Tool.


  • We benchmark unlimited job positions at your organization-at NO COST to you
  • Helps to recruit, retain, develop and manage the employee
  • Better recruitment and promotion decisions
  • Effectiveness in management
  • Personal and team effectiveness
Assessment Centres

The evaluation of an individual’s potential to perform is a very important activity and often a problem for those responsible for the development of managers. Assessment center is used to find out how a candidate will act in typical management situations through scientifically designed activities and observation and evaluation by skilled professionals. The activities are designed to elicit specific competencies needed to excel in a specific managerial position.


  • Helps to assess existing employee performance as well as predict future job performance
  • Scientific method for selection, training and promotion of candidates.
  • Better insight in to job roles
  • Cheap compared to the potential cost of many recruitment and promotion errors
  • Employee development and engagement
ROI on HR Initiatives And OD Interventions

It is a challenging process to calculate return on investment but it becomes easy when done with the help of key stakeholders at company and in conjunction with trainer. The fact remains that most training programs do not result in on job behavior change, and hence most of the training investment is waster except for its feel good factor. We provide a systematic approach and measurable outcomes depending upon the client requirement by adapting several best practices and interventions. Our experience in methodology and measuring effectiveness will help you design and implement the best HR initiatives and OD interventions. We will help you setup the measurement criteria during the planning stages and help track progress during and after the interventions. It will help you highlight the impact of the training deliver value to all stakeholders.


  • Deliver measurable impact of your training and OD investment
  • Have an HR Department that delivers on strategic initiatives of the company
  • Increase employee engagement and organization’s performance and productivity
Competency Mapping

Performance in any organization depends, to a large extent, on the capability of its people. Competency mapping is a systematic process of identifying the specific mix of knowledge, skills and attitude required for high performance for a specific job requirement, and measuring the same in employees to find the right match and to develop the train them in areas where there is a gap between desired level of capability and current employee capability.


  • Hire and promote the “right” candidates based on right competencies
  • Improve employee performance by training them in “right” areas
  • More productivity, engagement and performance
  • Highly skilled and motivated workforce

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