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February 2013

Email Management Policies and Why Businesses Need One

Both – the number of emails received and amount of time spent on handling emails have been steadily on the rise for the past few years and are likely to keep increasing. An average senior executive gets anywhere from 50 to 200 emails a day. If it takes 30 seconds to open and read each email – it will take more than 1.5 hours to just open and read 200 …Read More

The Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Productivity

One of the participant in my OPM workshop on personal productivity described how he felt at work on a typical day. He would enter his office and see a colleague across the parking lot. It would remind him of the email he had sent the colleague asking for some information that he needed. The colleague had still not reverted and he needed to send another reminder. He would open the …Read More

Outstanding Productivity – Aims to be a Frontrunner in Productivity Enhancement Training

Mr. Tushar Vakil, a renowned personal productivity trainer, announced to launch his new enterprise, “Outstanding Productivity” that aims to engage itself in Productivity Enhancement Training. Mr. Vakil has been a trainer, coach and personal productivity expert of repute and has already conducted over 700 training sessions and workshops related to productivity, across India, Africa and the USA. Mr. Tushar Vakil has also served as the Head, Learning and Development, with …Read More