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July 2013

GTD Workflow Diagram

The Getting Things Done workflow will show you how to manage everything in your inbox. There are numerous GTD workflow graphs that you can print out to help you figure out how to process and order the sum of the stuff you’ve collected.

4 Simple Tips To Stop Procrastinating & Start Doing!

Accept The Fact That We Have Been Procrastinating: If we really want to stop procrastinating the first thing we can do is to be honest with ourselves.  Instead of denying, try to recognize the situations when we procrastinate. We often fill our to-do list with low priority tasks and avoid working on high priority tasks.  When we come across our high priority task, immediately start doing it, instead of skipping …Read More

5 Golden tips for Successful Time Management

The other day, I was going through my Twitter timelines and I found an interesting tweet by one of my followers. It said, “If only I had an hour extra in the day, I could complete all my tasks at hand.” Lovely, isn’t it? I mean, If we all had that ‘one’ extra hour in the day we could manage our time in a much better way. But, hang on… …Read More

Smart Email Management – Tips to Handle your Mailboxes

Recently, I read a report published by McKinsey Global Institute on ‘Unlocking value and productivity through social Technologies.’ The report basically encompasses a research on where does an employee invest his or her work week. It reflected on a staggering statistics. The report suggests that an average worker invests 28% of its work week in reading and answering email. If we are talking about a 40 hour workweek, it reflects …Read More

Getting Things Done: Tips for Your Personal Success

Are you still fretting over the simplest yet the most efficient manner to Getting Things Done? Well fret no more, for the solutions is finally arrived, tailor-made so as to suit every whimsical note or doubt that travels faster in your mind than probably the best known device you ever came across! No more of dawdling over matters or prolonging over the “I-should have-done-this-on-time” utterances! Pondering over what precisely is …Read More

The Magnificent Power of Reflection to Boost Your Personal Productivity

  There are only two kinds of failures – planning without action and action without planning- Peter Drucker In today’s fast paced business environment, we are so busy trying to do things that many times we don’t have time to think. We need to stop for a moment, reflect and think about our work and work processes. Here are a few simple questions to ask – What am I trying …Read More

Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

Few years ago, I attended a seminar about time management tips for busy professionals. The instructor asked me to keep a time log for 24 hours a day, for a full month, in order to track how I was spending my time. I thought to myself, that if I had time to track my time for a whole month, I wouldn’t need attend a time management seminar! A very common …Read More

Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity Best Practices in Time & Workflow Management INTRODUCTION  Almost every working person today feels that they have too much work to do and not enough time to get it done. In the age of instant communication aided by technology, it seems we are never off work. Hence there is a constant feeling of overwhelm, stress and anxiety. By learning and adopting the best practices in tiworkflow management through …Read More