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August 2013

Clutter Can Be a Killer (of your Productivity!)

Have you ever yelled at your kids, early in the morning as they were getting ready for school, because they could not find their pencil or text book? Have you given them a “lecture” on how important it is to be properly organized in advance. Have you told them to keep everything ready, the previous night, so that they don’t have to face this situation early in the morning, before …Read More

GTD -The Most Popular Work-Life Management System Worldwide

GTD – which is short for “Getting Things Done-The Art of Stress Free Productivity” is a very popular book by author David Allen published in 2001. The book went on to the New York Times Bestseller list and has been one the best-selling business books ever since. In 2005, Wired magazine called GTD “A new cult for the info age”. An appropriate description considering the cult like enthusiasm and following …Read More

Email Free Fridays? They Can Transform How You Work!

Attend Upcoming OPM public programmes in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore. Email was supposed to be a wonderful invention. We could connect with anyone around the world without any cost and instantly. It was a great communication tool that was supposed to make our life easier. It was supposed to make doing business easier. The basics of email was invented sometime in the 60’s and 70’s. However it wasn’t until early …Read More

You May Be Very Busy At Work, But Are You Productive?

In late February 2013, when Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ordered the company’s staffers to stop working from home, she set off a ferocious debate over productivity. One set of people advocate that speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. But on the other side without interruptions from co-workers or time wasted in traffic, work from home is often more productive than in-office. Hence, till date, productivity …Read More

Are you Tackling Your “Big Rocks” First?

Many of us may have heard about Stephen Covey’s analogy of “scheduling the big rocks”. The concept ofbig rocks is apt analogy to make the point of prioritization absolutely clear. What exactly the Illustration is about? There is a bucket in which we are to fill three items – a few big rocks, a bunch of small pebbles and some sand. The size of the bucket is just enough to …Read More