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October 2013

Training is not compulsory, but neither is performance! Nor survival!

Attend Upcoming public programmes. Dr. Deming was an American statistician , who made a significant contribution to the Japanese quality movement post world war II and helped Japan to become an economic power.  He preached that increasing quality will decrease costs in the long run, while increasing productivity and market share.  Several Japanese manufacturers applied his statistical quality control methods and improved quality and productivity to levels that were once …Read More

What is THE SINGLE MOST important driver of performance excellence?

Attend Upcoming public programmes. According to Article by ( Brian S. LassiterPresident, Minnesota Council for Quality, www.councilforquality.org ) Article Courtesy : http://yoursinimprovement.blogspot.in/2011/09/importance-of-leadership-and-engaged.html I often start my public talks by giving the audience a question: what is required for organizations to achieve performance excellence. I get appropriate and accurate responses: highly engaged and trained workers, a focus on customer needs, effective leadership, a vision and a plan for the future, data and measures, high quality …Read More

Overworked? Overwhelmed? Stressed?

Attend Upcoming public programmes. Not long ago, workday was well defined and ended when you left work.  If you worked at a farm or in a factory, it was simply not possible for you to take work home!  And you didn’t have to think about work until next morning when you reached your farm or factory. Now we have entered into the age of information and communication.  Technologies like email, …Read More

Brain Based Research – Why Most Training Programs Fail

Attend Upcoming public programmes. It is a sobering fact that most training programs fail to change the behavior of the employee at work. Have you ever thought of why most of the trainings fail to be effective? Fail to produce desirable outcome? Fail to improve on-job behavior? Fail to deliver expected results? Well, these are the questions which keep on bothering most of the organizations. In most cases, ineffective training …Read More

3 Deadly Sins Resulting into Ineffective Training Programs

Attend Upcoming public programmes. Both, the training managers and the employees attending training have a feeling that most training programs don’t result in lasting change of behavior at work.  Why are most of the training programs ineffective? This is a question which every organization deals with.  Although there are many reasons that may cause training programs to be ineffective but the three most deadly sins resulting into ineffective training programs …Read More

Initiative Overload

At one time or another, most organizations have faced cost inflation, reduced profitability, stress, and poor morale. This is true more than ever in today’s challenging business environment. The way organizations deal with such issues is by taking up new initiatives to reduce costs, improve performance, reduce cycle time etc. There are high chances that your organization is facing what is known as ‘Initiative Overload’. In fact, initiative overload is …Read More

5 Solutions that will save you from Initiative Overload

Clarity of View This is shockingly easy to achieve and only takes about thirty minutes of clear thinking. Simply ask the question ‘where’s the value? What is it that will increase the value of my business? A set of business value drivers will appear very fast. Quantify and Measure Once we have located something of value on which to spend our effort, we have to be able to measure it. …Read More