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Case Study

Succession Planning And Leadership Development

Client: Leader in power and automation technologies Problem: Most organizations realize the importance of succession planning. But very few companies have a systematic, scientific and continuous process to identify key positions in the company and groom multiple successors for the same.  Our client realized this fact the hard way, when three of their key employees left for better options, in a span of less than four months. This left the …Read More

Reducing Attrition – Selecting The Right Candidates

Client: A large manufacturer of chemical intermediates. Problem: It is a familiar scenario in many organizations.  When a key position becomes vacant, several probable candidates are sourced through newspaper advertisements and job portals. Based on their resumes and a quick phone interview, a few candidates are shortlisted for in person interviews.  Multiple interviews with management and other stakeholders are conducted and finally a single candidate is selected based on everyone’s …Read More

Exerting Influence and Communicating Effectively in a Global Scenario

Client: A large US based software MNC – with offices in India and 32 countries across the world. Problem: A group of software engineers with experience of more than 15-20 years were identified as a high potential group. These employees were very competent and experts in technical knowledge and execution. However the business unit heads observed a lack of skills in influencing and effectively communicating with their global counterparts as …Read More