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Executing the Habit of Proactive from “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

The idea of “seven habits of highly effective people” has gained wide accolades worldwide due to the guaranteed results that have been proven by the people who sincerely practiced it. However, success comes to those who not only practice it but practice it effectively. The first hindrance however is the first habit itself that comes as a big challenge majorly because we don’t realize the meaning or use of being …Read More

Are you Tackling Your “Big Rocks” First?

Many of us may have heard about Stephen Covey’s analogy of “scheduling the big rocks”. The concept ofbig rocks is apt analogy to make the point of prioritization absolutely clear. What exactly the Illustration is about? There is a bucket in which we are to fill three items – a few big rocks, a bunch of small pebbles and some sand. The size of the bucket is just enough to …Read More

Outstanding Productivity – Aims to be a Frontrunner in Productivity Enhancement Training

Mr. Tushar Vakil, a renowned personal productivity trainer, announced to launch his new enterprise, “Outstanding Productivity” that aims to engage itself in Productivity Enhancement Training. Mr. Vakil has been a trainer, coach and personal productivity expert of repute and has already conducted over 700 training sessions and workshops related to productivity, across India, Africa and the USA. Mr. Tushar Vakil has also served as the Head, Learning and Development, with …Read More