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Silver – For Self-Starters

Setup Your Outlook & Get Started with OPM (GTD Compliant) in less than 30 Minutes

You may buy the OPM setup guide for Microsoft Outlook 2010, which gives you step by step instructions on how to customize and use Microsoft Outlook as per OPM. Once your tools (in this case Microsoft Office) is setup you will be poised to do more work in less time and organize yourself for peak efficiency. The OPM Outlook setup guide is only $9.99. It guides you step by step to help you setup your Microsoft Outlook to implement OPM (which is a much better version of GTD). You will learn to created goals, project plans, and Next Action categories – like Home, Office, Calls,
Errands, 1:1 with Individuals, Meetings, etc


You can purchase from anywhere in the World!

Gold – For self-starters with Additional Tools

Includes everything in Silver– plus –
Setup Your Outlook & Evernote Plus Free Document Management Software (a $49 value)

It includes everything in level 1. You may want additional tools to make your OPM system robust and comprehensive–1) Evernote customized for OPM and GTD which allows you to sync your collection and reference items across any and all internet connected devices – computers,tablets, cell phones, PDA’s etc.2) OPM Document Management Software which help you find any physical paper at any location in 10 seconds or less It costs $24.99 and includes customized versions of Evernote and Document Management software.



You can purchase from anywhere in the World!

Platinum – For someone who wants to learn first and then implement the OPM (GTD Compliant) System

Includes everything in Gold– plus –
Complete OPM (GTD Compliant) System with online learning and step by step instructions with one year email support for all your queries

>It includes everything in level 2. In addition, you may also opt for the complete OPM system which guides you through the process, the tools and the routines you need to build to make OPM a part of your daily life. In addition, we provide one year email support to all your queries, while you use the system at your own desk, doing your own work. Imagine the benefits of saving 1.5 to 2 hours per day. What will you do with two additional hours a day? The cost of the complete system in $49.99 and it includes email support of all your queries for a full one year from the purchase.


You can purchase from anywhere in the World!

Titanium – For busy executives who want complete implementation in 48 hours

Includes everything in Platinum– plus –
We setup all your tools and give you remote phone coaching for 4 hours – plus premium email and chat support with remote assistance

It includes everything in level 3. In addition, we also offer one on one remote coaching for busy executives, who don’t have time to organize tools and form routines on their own. We setup the tools remotely, we offer phone coaching, and guide you step by step, till you are able to use the OPM system effectively and efficiently. A standard remote setup and one on one coaching time of 4 hours costs $399. It also includes 1 hour turnaround time for support via email or phone. This include complete remote setup and one on one phone coaching and hand holding, so that you setup and start using OPM in less than 48 hours! Enter contact details


You can purchase from anywhere in the World!