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In house Training


Most training programs are not effective in changing on job behavior of the participants. No wonder training is still considered by most people (outside of HR) as a cost and not investment.
At Outstanding Productivity, we have been helping our clients to conduct training programs that give significant and measurable outcomes. We employ world class training delivery and tools and unique methodology to deliver significant, measurable and sustainable change in participants’ behavior.
We have panel of carefully selected LOCAL affiliate trainers with a 10 plus years of experience at the minimum. We have the right training and trainer for all programs on your training calendar.
You may choose from more than 50 training programs from the list/ link below
50 training programs list

50 training programs list

  • Customized to your specific needs
  • Can be arranged at a time Suitable to you
  • Cost Effective (For the price of sending 8-10 nominations to a public program, you can arrange an in-house program for upto 24 participants)
  • Encourages team bonding
  • Helps change culture as a large number of people from the same company are exposed to the same concepts and ideas
  • Ensures high return on investment
  • Ensures higher information retention

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