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The Highly Engaged Employee-What Drives Employee Engagement ?

The Highly Engaged Employee – What Drives Employee Engagement?

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the twin towers of the world trade center in New York, using hijacked airplanes as missiles.  When the twin towers collapsed, the damage to other buildings in the surrounding area of financial district was severe.  On the 32nd floor of the nearby building of World Financial Center, the offices of Barron’s magazine, most of the window glass was broken and whatever was left of the office, was covered in tons of dust.  Yet, on the same day, Barron’s employees were discussing the plan to publish their weekly magazine on time!  While the average employee would have used such damage to the office as an excuse, and justifiably so, it never occurred to Barron’s employees to delay publishing the magazine.

The Highly Engaged Employee

On Nov 26, 2008, terrorists simultaneously attacked several locations in Mumbai, the main target being the iconic Taj hotel.  Terrorists with automatic weapons were indiscriminately firing and hurling grenades at anyone they could find.  They held people hostage and the siege lasted 68 hours.  31 people died and 28 were hurt, but surprisingly, the hotel received only praise on the next day. Not a single Taj employee had fled the scene, and guests were grateful to them for their  dedication to duty, and their heroic efforts to protect guests without regard to personal safety.  Restaurant staff rushed people to safe locations such as kitchens and basements. Phone operators stayed at their desks, alerting guests to lock doors and not step out. Kitchen staff formed human shield to protect guests during evacuation attempts. 11 of the employees at Taj Mumbai lost their lives (a third of the total casualties)while helping 1,500 guests escape.

These are examples of extremely dedicated and committed employees, who take employee engagement to a new level.  Most organizations would love to have employees like these, who are enthusiastic, loyal and dedicated to handling their responsibilities.  Several studies have shown a very close correlation between employee engagement and organizational performance.  The question to ask is – what can organizations do to create a culture where employees are committed and make the organizations productive.

A survey of  1,500 employees by MSW Research in October 2012 concluded that  – “Although there are many factors that impact employee engagement, the three key drivers are:  Relationship with immediate supervisor, Belief in senior leadership and Pride in working for the company

In their article – Driving Employee Engagement – authors Dr. Vince Molinaro and Dr. David Weiss, the six factors that drive employee engagement are –

  1. Being part of a winning organization
  2. Working for admired leaders
  3. Having positive working relationships
  4. Doing meaningful work
  5. Recognition and appreciation
  6. Living a balanced life

In my next article I will elaborate on these drivers of employee engagement and how organizations can utilize these to develop a culture of high engagement and performance.

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